Fongo Bongo Games is the premier board game store in the Salt Lake City area for families. We focus on board games, cards games and puzzles for families of all ages.


Board games aren’t what they used to be, and the popularity of well-designed, exciting board games like Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride continues to grow. For the price of a night out for an average family, parents are finding they can purchase a game that will entertain the whole family for years to come. Fongo Bongo Games will cater to families looking to find just the right gaming experience. “Our goal is to have a game store to play in that you can bring Mom to.”

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Location - US
1751 W 12600 S #100 , Riverton, UT 84065
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Store Hours - Mountain Time (US & Canada)
11:00am - 9:00pm Mon - Thurs. 11:00am - 10:00pm Fri. 10:00am - 10:00pm Sat.